Stinger™ USB Tail Light

Striking a low-profile on round or aero seat posts, the trusty Stinger is now USB-rechargeable. Its modern styling blends with everything from your sleek road machine to your fender-adorned commuter. It doesn’t just look good either. Rider-friendly features like “Group-Ride Mode” make this the tail light you should never leave home without.


nr_icon_runtimeCHARGE TIME
1:45 HRS

nr_icon_runtimeLIGHT LEVELS
2 Steady
1 Flash

LightLumensRun TimeCharge TimeMountSystem Weight
Mako™ 2002007HR High- 200
21HR Med- 100
42HR Low- 50
N/AHandlebar175 Grams
Mako™ 15015020HR High- 150
60HR Med- 75
120HR Low- 35
N/AHandlebar175 Grams
Mako™ 10010030HR High- 100
90HR Med- 50
180HR Low- 25
N/AHandlebar175 Grams
Mako™ 5.05050HR High- 50N/AHandlebar175 Grams
Lightning Bug™ 3.032Up to 100 HRSN/AHandlebar39Grams
Lightning Bug™ 2.016Up to 100 HRSN/AHandlebar25 Grams
Lightning Bug™ 1.08Up to 160 HRSN/AHandlebar25 Grams
Lightning Bug™ 100 USB1002:30HR- High
6:00HR- Low
26:00HR- Daylight
Safety Flash
2:30 HRSHandlebar40 Grams
Stinger™ USB Tail Light254:00HR- High Steady
16:00HR- Low Steady
10:30HR- Flash
1:45 HRSSeatpost37 Grams
Stinger™ Tail Light8Up to 160 HRSN/ASeatpost25 Grams
Solas 2w USB3018:00HR - Flash M1
7:00HR - Flash M2
4:30HR - Hi Steady
36:00HR - Low Steady
4:00 HRsSeatpost / SeatStay73 Grams
CherryBomb 1w25Up to 100 HRSN/ASeatpost / SeatStay82 Grams
CherryBomb .5w15Up to 100 HRSN/ASeatpost / SeatStay82 Grams
TL 5.010Up to 100 HRSN/ASeatpost / SeatStay70 Grams