NiteRider Bike Light company welcoming

NiteRider’s Passing of the Torch

After an outstanding ten years service with NiteRider, Jason Earick our Customer Service Manager has decided to take on the challenge of setting up his own business and will be leaving us later this month.

Jason has held numerous positions during his career here with us, managing a number of NiteRider bike light projects and departments.

Jason’s knowledge of the broader bike industry and the bike lighting market in particular will be greatly missed.

It’s a move we are fully supportive of, and we wish Jason all the very best with his new venture. 

As one door closes, another opens and we are very happy to announce that Christos Angelopoulos will take over the role of Customer Service Manager.

Christos is currently working side by side with Jason for a four week period ensuring the wealth of NiteRider bike lighting and customer service knowledge Jason has acquired in his ten years with us is successfully transferred over to Christos.

Christos is a MTB fanatic and his extensive background in sales and customer service made him the ideal choice for this important position.  We welcome Christos on board and congratulate him on making it through what was a highly competitive process that involved a significant number of very high level applicants.


As an organization we are proud of the 25 year heritage of providing extraordinary customer service and we thank you sincerely Jason for your important contribution to Niterider.


tom & jason

NiteRider Founder and CEO Tom Carroll thanking Jason Earick on his 10 years service.

robin & cristos

Robin Jacoway NiteRider VP, welcoming Christos Angelopoulos to the NiteRider family.


doug dalrymple

North American Workers by Doug Dalrymple

Native New Yorker Doug Dalrymple dropped by our San Diego office earlier this week to ask if he could shoot images of our production staff as part of a photographic project he is working on called North American Workers.

No problem we say, please come in and let’s talk more about it. Go grab your camera from you car and let’s go.

“Uh, I didn’t arrive by car” says Doug.

OK, so not only has Doug ridden from NYC, but he threw in a little jaunt up North to Canada, circling back to NYC , heading South to Florida and then to San Diego.

Not content with simply crossing the US, Doug is heading North to Vancouver before heading east again in the general direction of NYC.

So how many miles have you ridden we ask Doug? “Oh, I don’t really take note of that, I just kind of ride for the pleasure”.

Talk about being committed to a cause – riding for the joy and freedom, combining a love of photography and a passion to capture Americans workers doing their thing.

Doug is hands down one of the nicest and most appreciative people we have met in a long time. He almost refused to accept our open gift of a Lumina 750 and Solas tail light!


Safe Travels Doug from everyone at Niterider!


NiteRider Sponsors Kathy Roche-Wallace for RAAM


NiteRider are proud to sponsor Kathy in this year’s Race Across America!

Kathy is an accomplished endurance athlete and holds many records in an assortment of endurance sports. Kathy will be returning to the Race Across America to defend her title as the fastest woman in the solo 50+ division!

Not only will Kathy be returning to defend her title, she is also using this opportunity to raise money and awareness in the fight against Neuroblastoma, a rare form of child cancer.

If you would like to help support Kathy’s cause, head over to her donation page. Every little bit helps!

Here are some of Kathy’s accomplishments:

Record Setting Events

Race Across America (RAAM) 2011

Set Solo Female 50+ course record in first year participating

In her first year competing in the RAAM Kathy set the course record for solo women over the age of 50. Additionally, she took home the “Queen of the Mountains” award for recording the fastest time up three challenging mountain passes during her 12+ day event.

USA Ultra Triple “Iron distance” Triathlon World Competition (Virginia)

Kathy was the first U.S. woman to complete a Triple Iron distance event on domestic soil.

Event must be completed in 60 hours or less with a 7.2-mile swim, 336-mile bike; 78.6- mile run.


  • 2014 First place women’s division (quadruple distance)
  • 2013 First place women’s division
  • 2010 and 2003-2006: First place in women’s division and second overall in co-ed field
  • 2009: First place overall on a two-person co-ed team
  • 2008: First place in women’s division; sixth overall
  • 2007: Fourth overall

Primal Quest Montana: 2008

A10-day multi-discipline adventure race included biking, running, swimming and kayaking. Competed in a four-person, co-ed team that carried equipment and supplies through isolated and inhospitable terrain. Competed with daughter Melissa Davies as the event’s first mother/daughter pair. Team included in a promotional film about the event and featured in a Wall Street Journal article.

Finished: 25 overall

10×10 Ultra Ironman Triathlon: 2006

Kathy was the first U.S. woman to compete in this triathlon

The event consists of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, and 26.2-mile run daily for 10 consecutive days.

Finished: Five days of the event


With a mantra like F.A.C.E. it’s easy to see where she gets her determination.

“Focus on what you want to accomplish, not what you are trying to avoid. By focusing your effort on the positive, you’ll be more successful.

Allow yourself to fail. Take lessons out of each experience and you’ll know what to do differently next time.

Courage to get out of your comfort zone. Push yourself to try something different and expand your horizons.

Embrace the NOW. There are too many “other things” to worry about and you’ll get bogged down if you don’t concentrate on what is before you at the present time.”

If you’d like to learn more about Kathy’s stellar racing career, check out her website

NiteRider Tail Light Road Cycling Lighting

Tips To Mimimize the Risks Of Cycling

Cycling, like any other sport has it’s own share of risks. Whether you are a downhill professional mountain biker or a ‘hipster’ cruising the beach strip, the thought of cycling safety is never far from your mind. With an ever-increasing amount of traffic on our roads and the rising popularity of cycling, the risks to cyclists are on the rise.

The most important factor in road safety for cyclists is being seen on two wheels.

Bright lights save lives, lots of lumens, save lives. Not only is the correct choice of light essential for the type of riding being done, there are other considerations like wearing a helmet and additional high-visibility clothing. The more you can be seen by other users of the road, footpaths, cycleways and trails, the less likelihood of an accident occurring.

Even though having lights on your bike may seem like the complete solution to ‘being seen’ by other motorists and pedestrians, there are other items that need attention.

Cycling and risk seem to go hand-in-hand with more and more news items popping up in the news. The topic across many cities in the U.S. seems to be honing in on the pro’s and cons of cycling in built-up areas as well as off-road trails.

A recent article in the Huffington Post about how to minimize the risk of cycling caught our eye this week. Bike safety was highlighted in this excellent piece that covers many precautions riders can take whilst riding. We’re not just signing the praises of lighting systems for MTB, road, commuter and urban bikes because NiteRider was featured in the Huffington Post, this is more of a wake-up call for all cyclists to consider adding more protection layers to their cycling activities.

With the proliferation of Apps, smart phones and additional computers on our bikes, we now have access to much more information than ever before that can make our rides even safer. When interactive maps and custom alerts pinpoint cycling accident hotspots close to familiar cycling routes, suddenly the awareness factor goes up a notch. It’s important to make use of technology to avoid those high-risk areas where accidents seem to happen far too regularly.

At NiteRider, our team work hard to innovate and create the best value, highest quality lighting technology systems to light up the area around your bike, however as we mentioned earlier, there are many other safety measures to consider.

Apart from the  NiteRider Lumina Micro 250 Front Light and NiteRider Sentinel Rear Light featuring in the article, there are additional products like the Bell Super 2R MIPS Helmet, Cannondale Cypher Helmet and Sugoi Zap Jacket to consider.

We recommend heading on over to the Huffington Post article where you’ll discover 10 Ways To Mimimize the Risks Of Cycling.

Which ever two wheel activity you choose to make a part of your everyday life, be aware, be safe and consider every option to minimize the risks of cycling.



NiteRider Partners with Bike Easy to Help Promote Rider Safety During Bike to Work Week

We are very happy to announce that NiteRider and New Orleans based non-profit Bike Easy, are working together to improve the safety of bike riders in New Orleans.

The Bike Light/Bike Right is a Bike Easy program to promote rider visibility and an opportunity to increase bicycle commuter compliance with state traffic laws.

Bike Easy recently launched a youth program called Walk & Roll to promote safe bike riding habits with elementary and middle school students in New Orleans.

As part of the Walk & Roll to School Kickoff Bike Ride in May, Bike Easy will provide NiteRider bike lights to individuals and families to promote visibility while riding. Additionally, Bike Easy works with partner organizations to bring bike rodeos, workshops and safety sessions to the youth of the Greater New Orleans area.

You can learn more about these fantastic programs and more by visiting the Bike easy web site

We are grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with Bike easy and we look forward to continuing efforts to improve rider safety in New Orleans.

Tom Carroll

Founder and CEO NiteRider.

Ref: NiteRider partners with bike easy


NiteRider Supports Australian CEF RAAM Team

NiteRider, Australian CEF RAAM Team partnership

NiteRider lights are off on a long journey ‘downunder’.  Jason Earick, Customer Service Manager, and Cesar Sanchez, Shipping Manager, are preparing a shipment of NiteRider MiNewt Pro 770‘s, Lumina 750’s and NiteRider Sentinel tail lights to the Australian ‘Crick’ Eastham Foundation RAAM team.

NiteRider are proud to be supporting the only Aussie team participating in this year’s Race Across America.  According to team member, Michael Callow the guys at CEF are well in to their training program, and with the days getting shorter as the Southern hemisphere winter approaches, we thought it best to get the CEF team lights “Downunder” so the team can train safely at all hours!

The Race Across America is a grueling event, and it requires meticulous planning and execution to ensure riders finish the event safely.  As you would expect, teams spend an enormous amount of time and effort planning and preparing for the event.  In the case of CEF we know that nothing is being left to chance, right down to the lights they will use for the race.

We are thrilled that the team reached out to us to supply their lights.

NiteRider MiNewt Pro 770 is the ideal choice for the CEF team

We felt that the NiteRider MiNewt Pro 770 is the ideal choice for the CEF team; it’s a light weight single beam light that offers a run time of 2 hours and 45 minutes which should be perfect for the long nights ahead for the team.

As Michael Callow noted recently, “we’ll go with 770s, both Leon and I are of the view that at night on descents we could outpace the follow vehicle so more light the better!

Having supported teams in previous RAAM races, we understand that riders need the highest quality, most dependable bike lights available.  It is great confirmation to us all here at NiteRider that we continue to be the bike light of choice for RAAM riders.

Please check out the CEF web site for more information.

100% donation to their charity

The team is raising money for Charity with 100% of the funds raised distributed to the charities, with no funds deducted for any race costs. They are all riding for the Crick Eastham Foundation.

The riders have asked and the foundation has agreed for 100% of these funds to be passed onto 2 Charities. In Queensland that charity is Montrose Access. In New South Wales it is Outrun Cancer.

The Crick Eastham Foundation is committed to raising funds for charities that support either Kids, Cancer or the Community. Through support the team at Crick Auto Group and many others, including RAAM race team “CEF Team Australia” we strive to help those that really need it.

We are proud to be assisting in CEF fund raising efforts.

Stay tuned for me information as the RAAMS start date of June 16th draws closer!

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    MiNewt Pro 770 Enduro

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    Charge Time: 5:00hrs
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NiteRider Announces Departure of Tommy Bryant

We would like to formally announce that Tommy Bryant, NiteRider’s “Man on the Ground” for the past 8 years has decided to leave life on the road to take up a position with a local bike shop in his home town of Bakersfield, California. We would like to think that Tommy has only semi-retired, but we know better!

Many of you know and respect Tommy not only for his incredible dedication to the NiteRider brand and for the countless hours he worked supporting 12 and 24 hour events NiteRider sponsored, but also for his status as a world class MTB and road rider.

We would like to thank Tommy for the amazing job he has done for the company and we wish him the very best in his new position in Bakersfield.

Our new Athlete Support representative is Kevin Talley.

Kevin is a highly experienced MTB rider, a bike mechanic and has been first aid certified. Kevin has already participated in Old Pueblo and several store rides this year and judging by the feedback we are getting he is well on his way to filling the very big boots Tommy has left behind. We welcome you on board Kevin.

If you are at any of the events we are supporting this season, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Kevin – he has a wealth of information on all manner of light subjects such as how the correctly fit our lights to your bike, the angle the light should be set at, how the light operates, run modes, battery run time, and importantly, safety tips, etc. While the Pros have all this dialed, please do not hesitate to talk to Kevin if you are new to the sport – he is there to help!

NiteRider Pro Athlete Wins 24 hours in Teenek, Mexico

NiteRider is proud to announce that Cari Flores, one of our Mexican Pro riders won the 24 hours Teenek race held in Hidalgo last weekend.

Cari rode using the NiteRider Pro 3600 lighting system.

Our Mexican distributor Bart Swennen of Actipromex was on hand at the event recharging NiteRider light batteries throughout the night.

Actipromex continues our 25 year tradition of supporting mountain bike events at a grass roots level.

NiteRider is committed to helping build the sport of endurance mountain bike racing in Mexico and we are proud to be a sponsor of Cari’s.

Congratulations to the event organizers for staging a successful and safe event.

NiteRider Pro Athlete Brett Tippie at Vancouver Bike Show

Brett is widely regarded as one of the very best mountain bikers around and we are stoked to announce that Brett has agreed to be a part of the 2015 NiteRider Pro athlete program.

Brett will be out and about at this weekend at the Vancouver Bike Show (

Brett will be working the event as a roving reporter greeting the public, signing posters etc.

If you are going to the event head over to the Rocky Mountain Bicycles booth and feel free to ask Brett anything you would like to about NiteRider lights.

Take some time and have a look at Brett’s profile under the NiteRider funstuff page here on the web site – there are a lot of great images and videos to check out.

Photos taken of Brett by Ale De Lullo in Lake Garda in Italy last year were so amazing we decided to use them as lead images for our 2015 advertising campaign.

Keep your eyes out for more of the Lake Garda series of images on our web site and in all good bike publications.