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MiNewt.250 Product Test

From singletrack.com
The MiNewt.250 features three light levels and a flash mode, and run time is claimed to be 2.5 hours on high, 3.5 hours on medium and 4.5 hours on low. The light comes with a toolless ratcheting handlebar mount that fits bars up to 31.8mm as well as a helmet mount. The light itself…

NiteRider Pro 600 LED Review

From bicycletimesmag.com
Everyone seems to have different needs in a light. I’ve used a lot of different lights in my riding career, and a few were close, but never quite there in terms of modes. Often I wanted a slower flash, or just high and low settings, or I wasn’t happy with the button push sequence….

NiteRider Stinger Rear Blinkie

From urbanvelo.org
The low-profile Niterider Stinger has quickly become my go-to rear blinkie since it showed up for review a couple of months back. The silicone body and stretchy quick release strap make it easy to switch bike to bike, or remove when parked for anything more than a few minutes. It fits just about any…

MiNewt.350 LED Product Review

From singletracks.com
My last experience with NiteRider’s big 1200 rig left me with stars in my eyes, so I was eager to test a light that is a little more modest, a little less glam-rock, and quite a bit lighter on the wallet. On Friday night I got the chance to test out the MiNewt.350, a…

NiteRider Lights Debuts 2011 Models

From bikerumor.com
Niterider’s 2011 range is an impressive mix of updates and new products, covering everything from commuter and casual riding to seriously bright endurance racing lights like the Pro 1400 pictured above.
Starting with the big guns, Niterider has upped the lumen output of their two Pro series lights to 1400 and 700 (from 1200 and…

NiteRider Unveils 2011 Line of Bicycle Lights

From mtbr.com
Regarded as the leader in quality bicycle lights, NiteRider Technical Lighting debuted the 2011 line of high-end, race-ready lights and a complete line of commuter products today. Evident throughout the entire line are advances in LED technology and trademark NiteRider innovative design, providing increased performance at a decrease in MSRP.
Founded in 1989, NiteRider has…

NiteRider Introduces New Models for 2011

From bicycleretailer.com
Amongst the highlights of NiteRider’s line for 2011 are two new additions—the MiNewt Cordless 150 and 250 (both pictured).
The biggest difference between these lights and the regular MiNewt is the fact that it’s an inclusive one-piece light. “So for the commuter, or for someone that just wants to pull it off their bike real…