NiteRider PRO-Rider / Christine Johnny Ringo

“Night riding is an entirely different bike game! I ride with NiteRider because they have never disappointed nor failed. The OLED 950 Boost and Solas 150 comfort me on my road bike, assuring I’m noticed in heavy traffic with its bright  flashing light beam pattern options. NR’s unique beam settings are one of my favorite features; they especially come in handy during group rides. The screen also displays battery status which is great! No more guessing how much time you have before you’re left in the dark. My Pro 3600 Enduro w/remote lights up even the most difficult downhill trails. Its power is ridiculously impressive, as I was shocked how it lit up an entire hillside like an offroad truck. The remote makes changing settings easy, not having to pause mid shred.  With my Niterider lights, darkness fails to slow my bike and I.”
-Christine “Johny Ringo”

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