Adventure 180 PRO
Adventure 180 PRO
Adventure 180 PRO

Adventure 180 PRO


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The Adventure 180 is a well-rounded performer that shines right where you need it so that you can focus on your night adventures.  Backed by NiteRider`s lifetime warranty that covers any defects in material and workmanship mechanical components and CREE LEDs.

A true multi-purpose light, great for side by side off-road applications, around the campsite, on the hatch, in the camper, most places using the included Pivot Pro Mount with 3M tape.  Excellent use for co-pilots / navigator auxiliary light, which will not disrupt drivers night vision and focus.  USE the included Pivot Pro Mount to mount most places.

•  Lumen Output: 180                                               
  9 Modes with Run Times up to 37hrs
  Charge Time: 2:15hrs
  IP64 STANDARDS                                                           
  Battery: Li-Po
•  NiteVisionRed- red mode is invisible to bugs and will not attract insects 

 - 8:25h
Red Safety Flash - 25:30h

Diffused Mode - 11:00h
Low Mode - 36:00h at 11 Lumens

Medium Mode - 8:30h at 50 Lumens

High Mode - 2:30h at 180 Lumens
Daylight Flash - 20:00h
Locator Beacon - 52:00h

S.O.S. - 5:00h


  • Adventure 180 PRO Headunit
  • Micro USB cord
  • 3M Pivot Pro Mount
  • A/C Adapter

US PATENT NO. 10,267,498


Pivot Pro 320

Adventure awaits with our most versatile, multi-purpose, and powerful headlamp to date. Weighing in at a paltry 70 grams, the Pivot Pro 320 is ideal to take wherever and whenever with its convenient interchangeable mounting system. An included Pivot Stick-on Mount makes this light ideal for sticking onto most flat surfaces such as a hard hat or work bench area.

320 Lumen multi-use light
4 Light Levels plus 1 Night Vision Mode 4 Safety Flash Modes, including S.O.S.
Red light night vision is invisible to bugs and will not attract insects
Lightweight, weighing in at just 70 grams
Low battery indicator
Optional mounts include a backpack strap, magnet mount, and headband (Coming Fall 2021)

Red Night Vision Mode - 9:30h
Red Safety Flash - 50:00h
Diffused Mode - 17:30h
Low Mode - 32:00h at 12 Lumens

Medium Mode - 9:00h at 54 Lumens

High Mode - 1:30h at 320 Lumens
Daylight Flash - 23:00h
Locator Beacon - 77:30h

S.O.S. - 47:00h

NiteRider Adventure PRO 320 head unit with 3M VHB tape.  This light is the best camping, running, trail, overlanding, overland headlamp.  At 320 lumens it fits in the best range of lumens for a useful night light.

Secure Mounting

Stick-on mount equipped with 3M™ VHB™ adhesive mounting tape. Mount anywhere you need light!

Man with hardhat standing in front of a train with the NiteRider Adventure 320 headlamp.  This light is the best camping, running, trail, overlanding, overland headlamp.  At 320 lumens it fits in the best range of lumens for a useful working light.

FL1 Standards Tested

Designed and engineered to perform no matter the conditions. Tested to perform meeting FL1 Standards in lumen output, runtimes, water immersion and dust resistance.

Adventure 320 PRO with patented Pivot 180 Mount included.  A versatile 320 lumen lamp that can be attached to the PIVOT 180 Mount base.  The Pivot 180 Mount base can be affixed to many surfaces that you would like add our unit.

Removable Mount Base

Easily remove from stick-on mount to recharge or mount elsewhere. Optional mounts (coming Fall 2021) include a backpack strap, magnet mount, and headband. Adding to the Pivot Pro's versatility, making this on-the-go light applicable for many uses. Mounting is simple, just rotate to detach/attach.



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