MTB rider cyclist representing niterider MTB LED best bike lights

MTB Cycling

For over twenty five years, NiteRider has been providing mountain bike riders the most durable, reliable and best performing lights in this category. Its not a statement we make lightly, the success of our business has been built largely on exceptional quality to a very demanding market.

road cyclist representing niterider front LED best bike lights

Road Cycling

The number one goal in cycling safety is accident prevention and at NiteRider we have a very simple message; “While riding on the roads use a light, day and night”. As a cyclist it is important to invest in items that will help increase your visibility, when it comes to bike lights NiteRider has you covered.

urban cyclist representing niterider commuter LED best bike lights

Urban Cycling

You live and ride in the city. Busy roads full of fast moving traffic, the risk of an accident is always there, day and night. Let NiteRider illuminate the concrete jungle with our highly attainable bike lights, suitable for road, light MTB trails, commuting and leisure cycling.

road cyclist representing niterider tail light LED best bike lights

Tail Lights

Whether you enjoy mountain biking, road cycling, or urban commuting the risk of an accident is always there, day and night. NiteRider tail lights, are designed specifically with safety in mind helping you increase your visibility and therefore your safety.