Hiking, fishing, climbing, camping, no matter what Outdoor activity you are in to, we have the perfect light for you. We have 25 years experience in the design and manufacture of bike lights, and we know what it takes to deliver lights capable of withstanding the harshest of weather conditions. Our outdoor lights are manufactured to FL1 IP 64 ratings, ensuring your lights remain water tight in the worst of storms, and dust proof in the hottest of climates.

Check out our all new Explorer Pro 180 headlamp – the worlds first headlamp that incorporates a red light mode, allowing to you read without affecting your night vision. Our Lumina series of lights offers unrivaled product performance including long battery life, fast recharge time courtesy of our patented “Intellicharge” system, cased in a superbly constructed housing capable of withstanding the most punishing treatment.

Our range of light mounts provides the capability to incorporate your Lumina in just about any outdoor activity you can imagine. Don’t be left in the dark out there. Enjoy your life outdoors secure in the knowledge that you have invested in a light developed by one of the worlds leading outdoor lighting companies.

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