NiteRider PRO-Rider/ Cameron Chambers

“Living on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains with a 14,000 peak directly to our West, the sun disappears early all year round and especially in the Winter months. NiteRider lights give me the freedom to go play in the hills on my own schedule. It doesn’t get any better than a group of buddies out lumbering around the snowy mountainside with lights busting the darkness to get untracked descents of our favorite trails.” -Cameron

Having grown up in my Dad’s bike shop I cannot remember a time where Mountain Bikes were not the main thing my life revolved around. Now 33 years old and having raced professionally for over a decade my passion and addiction to riding bikes in the dirt is only growing ever more.

Based out of Colorado Springs, CO and running my own coaching company, Podium Performance, I have a life that allows me to spend all my time pursuing riding and helping others enjoy the same lifestyle that I have found so much value in. The years of racing have led to 5 National Championship titles including two times the Elite 24 hour Solo National Championship.

Currently I am enjoying racing my Borealis Fat Bike around Colorado and cramming in as much time as possible on my trail bike in the big mountains behind my house.