NiteRider PRO-Rider/ Danielle Musto

When I was a child I rode bikes all of the time. First I was the only female member of our neighborhood “big wheel” gang, then I graduated to tricycles and finally to a ten-speed. Bikes gave me a sense of freedom and I loved pedaling around our neighborhood with my friends.

Fast forward to now and I still get that same sense of adventure and freedom whenever I hop on my bike. Regardless of whether I’m racing a 24-hour race, a hundred miler, or just pedaling to go get coffee, I love…love…LOVE riding my bike. Riding a bike has allowed me to travel places unreachable by cars, and witness strength in both myself and others that I didn’t think possible. Although I compete in lots of different races, my favorite is 24-hour racing. There is something completely awesome about being able to ride through the night and watching day break. Plus the feeling that I get when I cross the finish line is incomparable.

At home I lead group rides and love introducing people to the sport of mountain biking. It’s so much fun to see their faces when they “clean” their first log pile, or finally make it up a climb. I know that feeling well!

When I’m not riding my bike or traveling to races I can usually be found at home with my husband and two of the cutest dogs in the world, Naomi and Ben. Other hobbies include drinking coffee, eating frozen yogurt, volunteering at our local humane society and hanging out with friends.

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