NiteRider PRO-Rider/ Dave Franks

Dave Franks competed in his first endurance event in 1999, at the 24hrs of Adrenalin in Canmore, AB as a team. After watching the likes of Rishi Griewal race and compete as a soloist, he was hooked on endurance racing and especially riding at night. He continued with competing on a team for a few more years, and then took a couple of years off to start a family.

Fast forward to the 2011 24hrs of Adrenalin, Dave competed in his first solo event. Placing 6th in this event, he was addicted to solo racing in 24 hour events. Since then he has competed in 10 more 24 hour events, with no chance of slowing down. You’ll find him training in the Rocky Mountains in Canada year round on his Carver or his fatbike, or working on some skills with his 8 year old son Zachary.

Career highlights
• 24hrs of Frog Hollow 4th
• 24hrs of Adrenalin 2nd
• 24hrs of Old Pueblo 7th

• 24hrs of Rocky Hill 3rd
• 24hrs of Flathead 1st
• 24hrs of Adrenalin 1st
• 6hrs of Salty Dog 1st (Sport Men)

• 24hrs of Rocky Hill 1st
• 24hrs of Adrenalin 3rd

• 24hrs of Rocky Hill 2nd
• 24hrs of Adrenalin 5th

Partners and sponsors
• Carver bikes / Bikeman
• NiteRider Technical
• NOX composites
• Active Sports Therapy

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