NiteRider PRO-Rider/ Laureen Coffelt

NiteRider lighting made all the difference for me at the USAC National 24 Solo MTB Championnships in NM last year….the night was amazing and flew by, even with the cold dip at about 4 am! Now, NiteRider lights up the darkness on my bike-commute that includes the chance to dive into some trails, en-route…I LOVE THE NIGHT! – thanks NiteRider! -Laureen

An avid athlete who has grown to love the sport of endurance mountain bike racing, and the new places and people it shares with me. My Soul Purpose has involved being a healer. My role as a therapist is just one way to reach and connect with others…the MTB and racing has given me another way, and the connections keep growing!

My own athletic injuries and accomplishments have been instrumental in teaching the surgeons I work with about WOMEN in SPORT.
A diversified, eclectic Occupational Therapist by trade with 21 years of clinical experience, and 16 years serving in the specialty of Hand Therapy. Current full time employment as a Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) at OrthoMemphis MSK GROUP, PC in Memphis, TN.
Achieved publication in 2013 as a co-writer in American Journal of Hand Surgery (AJHS), serving as an Affiliate Member of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH). Member of the ASSH Clinical Trials and Functional Outcomes Committee since 2009. Bike-commuting to work in the week has enabled me to train and manage my full time job.

Sharing of my experience with others, currently mentoring/ coaching of 3 athletes, without charge for services, as a way to give back!