NiteRider PRO-Rider / Kristen Gross

Kristen Gross is a Canuck in Cali—she arrived in 2013 to the land of “always summer” and has been on her bike almost every day since. She races cross country mountain biking in the pro category, and to prepare for her events, she spends about 90 percent of her training time on the road. “Besides a helmet, my red blinky is the most important part of my kit for safety,” said Gross. “I keep that thing charged and flashing to help make sure I’m safe and seen.” Kristen is also a coach, mountain bike skills instructor, and runs her own freelance writing/communications business. Guilt-free potato chips aside, the things she loves most about riding are the people she meets, and the places she sees. She loves to help others find the joy of cycling and keeps a personal blog of her adventures at

Instagram/Twitter: @_krisgross