NiteRider PRO-Rider/ Timari Pruis

I have been riding/racing for a LONG time! My racing “career” started while I was in my first year of college. A friend I ran cross country with, along with my brother, decided it would be “great fun” to take me out mountain biking and just watch me crash. So from there it began. A month into having set foot on a mountain bike, I found myself lining up on the start line for my first beginner race.

The biking bug bit me, and 4 years later I received my upgrade for my pro XC license. After racing XC for a few years I found myself still enjoying the sport…but I was never “fast”, yet was always super consistent in my lap times. Early in my first few years of racing, I had the opportunity to race on a team at the 24 Hours of Moab. I experienced about everything bad that could happen in a 24-hour race, in that race alone. I got snowed on in the middle of the night, my lights went out (they were NOT NiteRider), and I sheared off my seat post and had to pedal standing up for about 1/4 of the lap (while I was getting snowed on). With a 24 hour experience like that, who would have EVER thought I would have ended up deciding to even attempt a 24 hour solo race. But in 2002, I did it…and placed 3rd. I had found my niche, and have stuck with it ever since!