#8104 - Lumina™ Task Force OLED 1100 Boost


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The OLED multifunctional digital display screen delivers precise battery run times as a percentage and actual time for the Lumina OLED’s 9 lighting levels.

The high powered Lumina Task Force OLED 1100 flashlight offers 1100 measured lumens in the palm of your hand! Originally designed to withstand the rigors of all weather cycling conditions; the Lumina Task Force features a robust body casing that houses advanced electronics, a market leading CREE® LED and includes multiple mounts/accessories.

You have the option to outfit the light for a wide range of multi-use options. Stay ready for any task that may come your way!

Get the perfect lighting for your photo scene using the Hot Shoe Mount, Tripod/Magnet Mount, and Light Diffuser. Hand held in Walk Mode outputs 70 lumens with an astounding run time of up to 18 hours. Attaching the included Belt Clip / Mouth Bite Grip allows you to conveniently carry your light hands free. And sticking your Lumina light to metal surfaces is quick and easy with the Magnet Mount, ideal for when working under the hood of your car/truck or in and around the house.

Lumen Output: 1100
Run Time: 1:00 – 18:00hrs
Quick Charge Time: 3:00hrs at 1Amp
Normal Charge Time: 6:00hrs at 500mA
Weight: Approximately 172g
Battery: Li-Ion
IP64 Water and dust resistant

• New Boost Mode! Unleash maximum LED output
• 5 Light Levels plus 4 Daylight Flash Modes
• CREE™ LED at 6000k
• Multifunctional OLED screen provides detailed operational information
• FL1 Standard IP64, water resistant
• Intellicharge™ – Reduce charge time in half!
• Backlit buttons for easy to use interface in any lighting condition
• Convenient USB rechargeable

Low - 6:00h at 225 Lumens
Medium - 3:00h at 450 Lumens
High - 1:30h at 900 Lumens
Boost - 1:00h at 1100 Lumens
Fast Flash - 6:30h at 900 Lumens
Pulse Flash - 10:00h at 900 Lumens
Beacon Flash - 18:00h at 900 Lumens
S.O.S. - 18:00h at 900 Lumens
Walk Mode - 18:00h at 70 Lumens

• LED Light Head with OLED Display
• Internal Li-Ion Battery
• Light Diffuser
• Hot Shoe Mount
• Magnet Mount
• Belt Clip / Bite Grip
• USB Charging Cable