Lumina™ Pro 1300 Front Bike Light with NiteLink™ (7157765963929)
niterider lumina pro 1300 bike headlight mounted on handlebars with specifications alongside (7157765963929)
niterider lumina pro 1300 featuring nitelink wireless technology (7157765963929)
niterider nitelink wireless lumina pro 1300 bright bike light remote control
Lumina™ Pro 1300 Front Bike Light with NiteLink™ (7157765963929)
Lumina™ Pro 1300 Front Bike Light with NiteLink™ (7157765963929)
niterider lumina pro head light specifications

Lumina™ Pro 1300 Front Bike Light with NiteLink™


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The Lumina™ Pro 1300 features NiteRider’s NiteLink™ Wireless Technology, riders can now pair and power ON / OFF taillights (Omega™ 330 EVO sold separately) with the same compatible technology with NiteRider’s NiteLink™ Wireless Remote Control (sold separately). Unleashing Boost and its varying modes—showcasing an unrivaled widespread beam pattern. Also features color-coded light modes shown through the power button switch. Additional features include an 8-Step Fuel Gauge and a highly durable light housing with Dupont® Fiberglass reinforced nylon meeting all required FL1 Standards for impact testing and dust/water resistance.

Note: The NiteRider® Lumina™ Pro 1300 is shipped from the factory in Lock Out Mode. This mode feature is designed to save battery power by preventing the head light from accidentally turning on while in storage. Simply press and hold power button 8-10 seconds to lock / unlock.


• Lumen Output: 1300
• 8 Modes with Run Times: 0:45-17:00h
• Charge Time: 4:00h
• Weight: 193 grams
• Water / Dust Resistant IP64 Rated
• USB-C Rechargeable
• Lock Mode - perfect for use during storage and transporting the light.
Press and hold power button for 8-10 seconds to lock out operation of light.

Low - 6:00h at 200 Lumens
Med - 3:00h at 400 Lumens
High - 1:30h at 1000 Lumens
Boost - 0:45h at 1300 Lumens
Super Flash - 7:30h
Pulse Flash - 12:00h 
Fast Flash - 8:00h 
Walk Mode - 17:00h at 70 Lumens

*Run time specifications may vary

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View / Download Lumina™ Pro 1300 User Guide Spec Sheet 

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niterider nitelink wireless technology control bike lights remotely wirelessly

NiteRider Lumina™ Pro 1300

NiteLink™ Wireless Technology

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