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In 2012, NiteRider’s initiative campaign “Lights 4 Lives” dramatically improved the cycling landscape; sparking awareness for the need to use bike lights for both Day and Nighttime riding. Since then, Daytime Visibility for cycling has been gaining more traction, instilling the idea for added safety within avid cyclists in this day and age of multi-tasking drivers.

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Simply the best! I use it for night time adventures and added peace of mind for long distance road rides and commutes.


I've been using NiteRider for years. Their customer service is phenomenal! Cheers.




NiteRider Technical Lighting Systems, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing lights for professional use by Search and Rescue and many other professions that demand the rigors of extreme product. Our products are designed and engineered in the U.S.A and hold up to these extreme professions and they will perform for you. Everyday.

Corsair Solo Off-Road Vehicle Lights Jeep Lightning (Set) Off-Road Vehicle Lighting Pro ADV 4200 Set Pro ADV 2200 Pro 4200 MX Enduro Helmet Mounted Light

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NiteRider® Technical Lighting for your UTV/MOTO/TRUCK/JEEP

Like all other NiteRider products we have been selling since 1989, we want to make sure we offer a best-in-class technical lighting system for Off-road. At our Headquarters in Poway, CA, our engineers test our systems in one of the largest Integrating Spheres in the country. Why is this important? There are many smaller Integrating Spheres used by our competitors but by using a larger system, our measurements are more accurate and allow us to make adjustments more quickly here in the U.S.A where we hand assemble our Off-Road / Pro Series products. We also work with some of the top material innovators in the world. In the landscape of hi-lumen, technical lighting systems, condensation is a challenge, so we partnered up with Gore-Tex to utilize a “breathable” valve in our housing to keep condensation at bay. We use 3M membranes against our heat-sync to make sure heat is pulled through.


NiteRider® has been lighting it up since 1989 when Tom Carroll developed a technical lighting system so he could night surf. Since then NiteRider® remains on the forefront of pushing limits of lighting systems for cycling, off-road and the outside. While many retailers remain open, NiteRider® is currently operating on a limited capacity.