Welcome to the future of cycling. Welcome to the world of e-Bikes, where the future is now. As most of you already know—and more often than not—an e-Bike is notably more expensive than your traditional (non-electric) bicycle. The “electric” part of the equation makes e-Bikes more expensive, and for that reason most suppliers usually skimp on accessories such as lights. These stock lights typically aren’t strong when it comes to lumens (light output), which could very well compromise your safety day and night. That’s why we recommend replacing that stock light with the name you have come to trust over multiple decades—NiteRider®.

Our e-Bike lights come with a pre-wired power line for connection to the e-Bike’s battery making the swap a seamless one (NiteRider® recommends installation by an authorized e-bike service and repair shop). So whether you have an e-Bike already or you’re looking to purchase one in the near future make sure you to take NiteRider® along for the ride—you’ll feel safer and a more confident rider having done so.