pivot pro magnet mount multi-use personal led lighting
Pivot Pro Magnet Mount
Pivot Pro Mount (4670683643963)
Pivot Pro Mount (4670683643963)

Pivot Pro Magnet Mount


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The Pivot Magnet Mount allows users to mount the Adventure | Pivot Pro light to flat metal surfaces. The surface-mount features 4 strong magnets to allow the most versatility when mounting to metal surfaces. When its time to relocate this multi-purpose light, simply pull to remove. Or change out the mount completely by twisting light 180 degrees to detach. Reverse steps to reattach to other mounts. It's that easy!

(Pivot Pro 320 Light sold separately)

US PATENT NO. 10,267,498

• Adventure 180 and Adventure 180 Pro
• Adventure 320 and Adventure Pivot Pro 320
• Pivot Pro 320